Member Transition Guide

1. Relocation Principles

Our fundamental guiding principle is to reward loyalty with a fair and equitable system of ranking each type of Membership. Recognition of loyalty It is important that Members are rewarded for their loyalty. Therefore, the Club will recognise consecutive years of membership as the primary factor in determining priority for seating at WSS. Fairness This Member-centric and equitable approach will deliver the best outcome for the Club’s entire membership base and will not favour any individual Member or group. Relocation Process In planning for the relocation of Members, the Club has developed a process and set of policies, outlined below.

Seating Groups Priority

Your seats at the new Western Sydney Stadium will be different than those previously held at the old Parramatta Stadium because of the difference in the stadium configuration and seating plan. This means we will be reallocating all Members reserved seating based on a four tier priority process (outlined below). As a reward to our most loyal Members, those Members with the longest continuous Memberships will be allocated their seating first at the new Western Sydney Stadium, based on the seating preferences they supply.

Priority 1: Full Season Ticketed Members 11 home games per season, with an active paid membership as at 31 March 2018 will be prioritised according to consecutive years of membership of the longest serving Member in their Seating Group

Priority 2: Reduced Access and Non-Ticketed Members Fewer than 11 home games per season, with an active paid membership as at 31 March 2018 will be prioritised according to the consecutive years membership of the longest serving Member in their Seating Group

Priority 3: Members Additional Seats Additional available seats will be offered to 2018 Members, prioritised according to consecutive years of membership

Priority 4: New Members Prioritised by date of purchase.

2. Seating Allocation Process

Step 1. Form Seating Groups.
• In February 2018 all Members will be asked to identify those people that they wish to be seated with at WSS, to a maximum of 12 seats.
• Members will have until 31 March 2018 to nominate their “Seating Groups”.
• During this process each Seating Group will be asked to designate a “Seating Group Leader” who will be the point of contact for the Seating Group with the Club during the WSS seating allocation and membership package selection process.
• This will be a largely online process with important information communicated to the Seating Group Leader by email, so it is important that the Seating Group Leader have access to a computer and regularly check emails.
• If a Priority Two Member is included in a Seating Group with Priority One Members, the Seating Group will be considered as Priority Two instead of Priority One seating status.

Step 2. Seating Group Confirmation.
• Groups will be confirmed via email to the Seating Group Leader prior to the seating allocation process commencing.

Step 3. Submit Seating Preference Form.
• WSS stadium seating map, Membership package range and pricing will be communicated to the Seating Group Leader by email. We anticipate this to take place in April/May 2018.
• There will be a window for Seating Group Leader’s to review this information with Members in their Seating Group and submit their online “WSS Seating Preference Form”.

Step 4. Priority One Member Seat Allocation.
• Provided that all Members of a Seating Group are Priority One Members; Seating will be allocated based on the tenure of the longest serving Member within the Seating Group in accordance with the Relocation Principle: Recognition of Loyalty
• Seat allocations will be allocated in stages known as your “Seat Allocation Window”, with the Seating Groups with the longest serving Members allocated first.
• During this time the Seating Group Leader will be contacted by the Club via email with details of the group’s seating allocation.
• At this time the Seating Group Leader will have a limited time frame to request to change seats if desired. The ability to change seats will be dependent on the remaining seats available at that time.
• Seating Groups will have ONE opportunity to change their seats. The larger the group the more restricted the group will be to change the location.

Step 5. Priority One Seat Secure Deposit.
• The Seating Group Leader will be required to secure the seats with a $50 per seat deposit payable online by credit card.
• The Seating Group Leader will manage this online transaction as a single lump sum on behalf of the Seating Group. • Payment must be received and processed by the designated deadline to secure the seats.
• The abovementioned process will continue until all 2018 Full Season Reserved “Priority One” Members, who have nominated themselves as part of a Seating Group have been allocated WSS seating.

Step 6. Priority Two Member Seat Allocation.
• Following the same process (Steps 4 and 5 outlined above) seating allocations for Reduced Access and Non-Ticketed “Priority Two” Members will commence.

Step 7. Offer Remaining Seats to Existing Members.
• Any remaining reserved seats (if any) will be offered to existing Members with a $50 seat deposit required to secure the seats, which is payable online by credit card.

Step 8. Sale of Seats to General Public.
• Any remaining seats will be placed on sale to the general public.

3. Membership Packages

The configuration and allocation of Membership packages in WSS have been designed based on demand.

The Parramatta Eels will offer the following types of membership packages at WSS:

• Captains Club
· Our premium membership
· Full season membership, with additional benefits

• Full Season Reserved Seat Membership
· Access to 11 or more home games per season
· Similar to current reserved seat full season membership,
· Broken into categories determined by price level of seat, viewing and position

• Full Season General Admission Membership
· Access to 11 or more home games per season
· Seating located in non-reserved seat general admission areas
· See below for important changes to General Admission membership game access from 2019

• Reduced Access General Admission Membership*
· Access to fewer than 11 home games per season
· Seating located in non-reserved seat general admission areas
· See below for important changes to General Admission membership game access from 2019

• Flexi General Admission Ticket Packs *
· Full flexible general admission tickets

• Interstate membership
· General admission access to three home games and an Eels interstate/regional away game Non-ticketed memberships will also be available in 2019.

Changes to General Admission Membership from 2019:“Fully Ticketed Games”

From 2019 we will be introducing a “Fully Ticketed Game” process for General Admission Membership.

For games where the Eels anticipate a capacity crowd, the Club may designate that every fan who wishes to attend the match must have a reserved seat. This process has been introduced to ensure that WSS capacity can be managed more closely for safety reasons and to make sure that General Admission Members are not locked out of a potentially sold out game.

Where any Parramatta Eels game is designated a “Fully Ticketed Game”, General Admission Members will be communicated to via email prior to General Public tickets going on sale.

General Admission Members will be given an exclusive pre-purchase window to secure their seats through the ticketing agent. For a “Fully Ticketed Game”, General Admission Members must apply through the ticketing agent to upgrade their ticket to a single reserved seat within the General Admission section/s. Additional booking fees may apply, however, the Parramatta Eels will not charge Members any more than the additional booking fee.

4. Explanations & Definitions

Breaking of, or changing, groups – Members will be asked to form groups prior to 31 March 2018. There will be no opportunity to break or change groups after that date until the seating allocation process has been completed.

Captains Club Member – Refers to the highest level of Parramatta Eels Membership.

Changes to WSS structure and design – the venue will be based on designs supplied by the venue operator. Despite best efforts, Members should anticipate that some discrepancies may occur between representations in the venue maps and actual seating at WSS once complete. Examples of these discrepancies may include (but are not limited to) pillars, rails, additional seats, additional stairs, TV camera locations, protection from the elements and other changes to sightlines.

Checking of Member details and seating – The Seating Group Leader is responsible for checking seating and names in the Seating Group within the time frame nominated. The Club accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided by the Seating Group Leader.

Continuous membership vs broken membership – length of membership for the allocation will be determined by consecutive years of membership only. Membership tenure for the purposes of determining seating priority will be based on the consecutive length of time of a Member’s current membership.

Determining length of consecutive Membership – The membership records maintained by the Parramatta Eels Membership Team will be the sole source of determining consecutive Membership. Should a Member believe that their recorded length of consecutive Membership is incorrect, the Club will review any supporting document provided by the Member prior to March 31, 2018 and assess requests on a case by case basis. No appeals to change the length of consecutive Membership will be considered after March 31, 2018. If you would like to check your Member tenure contact

Flexi Member – Refers to a Member with a flexible ticket package.

Full Season Member – Refers to a Member with reserved seat or general admission access to 11 or more home games per season.

Full Season Members (Priority One) grouping with Reduced Access and non-ticketed (Priority Two) Members – Members who form a Seating Group with Members holding a different Seating Group Priority Status will be considered Priority Two status and will be allocated seats accordingly.

General Admission Member or GA Member – Refers to non-reserved seat membership with an unallocated seat in a general admission seating section. General Public Refers to casual ticket holders.

Maximum Seating Group Size – the maximum Seating Group size is 12 Members to ensure a smooth transition process, except that Members who already hold more than 12 Memberships as at 30 November 2017 will be allocated that same number in the transition process. However, Members need to be aware there will be less flexibility to meet specific seat allocation requests and the more difficult it will be to achieve a move during the “Seat Allocation Window”.

Member – Refers to Parramatta National Rugby League (PNRL) Club Member. Parramatta Leagues Club (PLC) Members and ANZ Stadium (Stadium Australia) Members are NOT Members of the PNRL.

Multiple memberships and family memberships in a single account – Members holding multiple memberships or a family membership in a single account must nominate each individual seat during the Seating Group Process (Step One). Each individual seat will be counted individually towards the 12 seat limit for Seating Groups.

Non -Ticketed Member – Refers to Membership without game access.

Reduced Access Member – Refers to a Member with reserved seat or general admission access to fewer than 11 home games per season (includes Interstate and Northern Territory Members).

Reserved Seat Member – Refers to a Member with a designated reserved seat for 11 home games per season.

Seat secure deposit – During the Seat Allocation Window, each Seating Group Leader will be required to make a $50 deposit per seat in full on a credit card to confirm allocation. The Seating Group Leader is responsible for collecting all the money and providing it in one lump sum payment on credit card only. Invoices for the remaining balance of memberships will be issued to the individual membership holders in line with the Clubs usual renewal process.

Single Seat Members – Members who do not opt into a group during the grouping stage will be treated as single group individuals. They will be transitioned according to the process established by the Club, noting that they will be positioned to ensure the most efficient use of all inventory ensuring no single seats remain. In cases where a Single Seat Members does not submit a “WSS Seating Preference Form” the Club will take best efforts to allocate a seat of similar category to that held by the Member in 2017.

Special requirements – those with special requirements for seating or additional carers seating will be asked to provide the Club with their requirement on the “WSS Seating Preference Form”. A current letter from a doctor must accompany this request (dated no later than 90 days prior to submission), even if this information has previously been provided to the Club. The Club will assign the Seating Group with the seating that best fits the specified access needs. Members who require specific seating for non-medical purposes will be assessed on a case by case basis and supporting documentation will be required. The decision of the Club will be final in the case of all special requirements.

*Availability subject to Capacity


I am a current Eels Member, what happens next?

At this stage, all Members need to do is familiarise themselves with the transition process. In late February an email will be sent to all Members notifying them that the WSS- Seating Group Form has opened. No need to rush, you will have until 31 March 2018 to complete your form.

When is Western Sydney Stadium expected to be completed?

Infrastructure NSW expects Western Stadium Stadium to be completed in April 2019.

I would like to purchase additional Membership seats at Western Sydney Stadium, will this be possible?

Due to high demand for Membership seating at WSS, Members wanting additional seats are strongly encouraged to purchase these as additional Memberships in 2018 prior to 31 March.

This will ensure all your seats at the new stadium can be allocated together during the Member seating process. We cannot guarantee seating will be available together for Memberships purchased after this date.