WSS Members Seating Allocation

WSS Members Seating Allocation

How will seats be allocated at our new Western Sydney Stadium? Will I have the same seat?

Your seats at the new Western Sydney Stadium will be different than those previously held at the old Parramatta Stadium because of the difference in the stadium configuration and seating plan. This means we will be reallocating all Members reserved seating based on a three tier priority process (outlined below).

As a reward to our most loyal Members, those Members with the longest continuous Memberships will be given first choice of seats at the new Western Sydney Stadium.

Members Seating Priority Levels:

Priority 1; Full Season Ticketed Members with those holding the longest continuous length of tenure having first choice of seats.

Priority 2; Limited game access (i.e. less than 11 home games) and non-ticketed Members by length of tenure with those having the longest continuous tenure having first choice of seats.

Priority 3; New 2019 Members by date of purchase.

Please note: Your priority level will be determined by the Membership you hold in season 2018. The two seasons at ANZ Stadium (2017 & 2018) count as part of your tenure. If you allow your Membership to lapse for either 2017 or 2018 season, your tenure will be reset to zero.

Will my seat location or membership category at the old Parramatta Stadium determine where I sit in the new Western Sydney Stadium?

Members seating allocations in the new Western Sydney Stadium will not be impacted by previous seating at the old Parramatta Stadium or ANZ Stadium.

Full Season Members (Priority One Seating Status), regardless of membership category, will be allocated seating based on the preferences they submit by order of continuous tenure. This is our way of rewarding our most loyal and longest serving Members when we move to our new home.

Once all Full Season Members have been allocated their seats, we will then offer Limited Game Access and Non-Ticketed Members (Priority Two Seating Status) the opportunity to upgrade to Full Season Reserved Seats in 2019.

Only once all Members have been allocated seats will we move on to

I would like to purchase more seats in the new Western Sydney Stadium than I currently hold, what’s the best way to go about doing this?

When Members seating in the new Stadium is allocated, it will be on a one for one basis. Only once all renewing Members have had their seating allocated will requests for additional seating be considered.

If you would like to purchase additional seats in the new Western Sydney Stadium the best way to secure them with your current Members seats would be to purchase these additional seats as Full Season Memberships (Priority 1) in 2018. This will ensure that your additional seats are considered a renewing Member request rather than a new 2019 Membership purchase.

I want to make sure I am sitting near friends and family who are not part of my membership at the new Western Sydney Stadium. Will I be able to submit a seating request as a group?

Yes. Full details on how to submit a seating group request for the new Western Sydney Stadium will be communicated in 2018.

Please note, there will be a limit of 12 members in a seating group. It should also be noted that the larger a seating group, the less flexibility there will be to accommodate specific seating requests.

Seating priority level for group requests will be determined by the longest serving Member in the group & the lowest Priority Level. It is highly recommended that all Members in a seating group hold the same Priority Seating Status Level to ensure the best possible seating.

When will information on 2019 Western Sydney Stadium Members seating and membership options be communicated?

We expect to start communicating to Members regarding 2019 Membership by mid-2018.

This will include full details on submitting new Western Sydney Stadium seating preferences, seating groups and membership prices.