Online Ticket Redemption Instructions via Eels Account Manager

Ticket Redemption

Please see the step by step process for ticket redemption below. You can also find more information at the ONLINE TICKET REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS section of the Benefits page. Please note Tickets are subject to availability and can be exhuasted in the occasion of a sellout game

Step 1: Log into to the 'My Events' page on your BGA Account Manager portal using your account credentials -

Step 2: Select your game choice. You have the number of game entitlements available to you that you purchased when buying your Membership. For example, if you purchased a three (3) Game Build Your Own Membership, then you will have three (3) game entitlements to redeem. If you are choosing your first game entitlement, click the ‘Ticket Redemption for Game Choice 1’ tile. If making your second game entitlement choice, click the ‘Ticket Redemption for Game Choice 2’ tile and so on.

Step 3: On the next page, click 'Exchange' (located in top right corner).

Step 4: On the next page, select each ticket/s (marked as ‘BYO’) that you would like to redeem. Once selected, click Continue to view the available games.

Step 5: On the next page, select the game you wish to attend to continue selecting your seats.

Step 6: When the seat map appears, select your desired section and seat/s. Seat/s will be added to the cart. Select ‘Continue’ in the cart to move to the checkout screen.

Step 7: Review your selection and click ‘Submit’.

Step 8: Accept the T&C’s under ‘Order Summary’ and click ‘Place Order’.

Step 9: You have successfully redeemed your ticket/s. In order to print your tickets, click ‘Go back to My Events’ in the middle of the screen.

Step 10: Select the game you just redeemed ticket/s for. On the next page, select 'Print' (located in top right hand corner).

Step 11: Select your seats that you redeemed earlier from the seat map and click 'Continue' (located in bottom right hand corner).

Step 12: Click ‘Print’ when the pop-up box appears. Your ticket will then download as a PDF file. You can now print this ticket to scan for entry at the game!